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Egyptian Magic Cream for Body Face and Hair Is Over The Top INCREDIBLE

Monday, June 11, 2007

Vogue asked the top 100 male/female celebrities what beauty products they loved the most, and yes, the celebrities declared that Egyptian Magic was their beauty secret.

Here's the scoop:

· It doesn't clog pores
· Adds an amazing glow and hydrates body, face and hair
· Perfect after-shaving lotion, softens hands and feet
· Super lip and eye gloss
· Great hot-oil treatment for hair - hair will shine
· Daily hair conditioner
· Heals chapped lips
· Eases irritation from mosquito bites
· Treats burns, and blemishes
· Great for eczema
· Soothing for diaper rashes
· Pregnant woman love it to keep their expanding belly moisturized
· Great prep for use on skin pre-surgery and post-surgery, and on and on!
· You'll save time, money, energy and space in your shower, handbag, or suitcase

As Seen In:

Vogue, Allure, Daily Candy, Lucky, Shape, People

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posted by mixed girl, 4:19 PM


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